How to Prolong your Life?

230920168Everyone wants to live a long and happy life. However, all want it, but few who aspires to it.

If you pay attention, now more and more people are abusing harmful habits (smoking, drinking), did not participate in sports. All this leads to the fact that the average length is reduced.

Do you want to extend the life by 10 years? It’s possible. But you need to make at least a minimum of effort.

1. An active lifestyle. You do not need to sit at home. Be active: ride a bike, play games (volleyball, badminton). Join a gym. Engage in need twice a week. This will result in body tone.
2. Cholesterol. Always make sure the level of blood cholesterol.
3. Healthy diet. Eat right and balanced. The diet should be varied.
4. Pressure. Always need to control blood pressure.
5. Refusal of bad habits. Give once and for all of the bad habits. Remember, smoking can cause a stroke.

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