How to Properly Apply Makeup?

220820167Many women use decorative cosmetics. Its main purpose – to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the maximum. However, all was done beautifully, you need to understand the nuances of applying makeup. So, what mistakes women make most often? In this issue, we will help you understand a professional makeup artist.

1. Moisturizer. Before you put on the face tone cream, you need to apply a moisturizing. This must be done to prevent the skin drying out due to the use of foundation.
2. Blush. To apply blush, you must have a certain skill. If it is not, it is better not to risk it.
3. Lips. To bright lipstick on her lips looked beautiful, you must first use a lip pencil. If this is not done, it will simply be spread.
4. Eyebrows. It is not necessary with the help of various tools too bright highlight eyebrows, because it looks ridiculous.
5. Shadow. Remember, light shadows are not suitable for all women. If their application is also necessary to be attentive. It is best to put them in the corners of the eyes.

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