How to Protect Your Body Against Abrupt Changes in Weather

130820165Weather always likes to surprise his unplanned changes. So it pleases us warm denechki then incinerates all its heat, the incredibly cools. Any extremes of weather adversely affect human health and condition. If we are talking about these drops, occurring one after the other with a difference of a few weeks, if not days, not to mention healthy, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypotensive, high blood pressure, as well as many others only remains that to sound the alarm.

The question is – is it possible to man, sensitive to weather extremes to escape and remain in good condition? Of course have! First of all, it should be remembered that in such cases it will be best to give up bad habits, because as you know alcohol or smoking does not make us healthier, but only to weaken the natural factors. If a person suffers from a low pressure, such people can save a cup of coffee or a tile or two of dark chocolate. Do not forget about water.

Doctors believe that the optimum daily dose for 2-3 liters of the body, and you must drink frequently and in small sips. If your health is not normal, in this case it is best to seek help from a doctor.

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