How to protect your teeth into old age

17101611It’s nice to see a person, regardless of age, the glittering snow-white smile, but to achieve such a result, it is necessary from an early age to follow the state of the teeth.

Moreover, healthy teeth allow you to chew, thus fits the stomach.

In order, the teeth were in order to old age, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules, one of which is that food should be taken 3-5 times a day. With emphasis on greater use of those products, which in its composition contain fiber as well as vitamins B and C categories These include vegetables, fruit, cereal, cooked cereal, as well as seafood.

It is also necessary to monitor the purity of the teeth, thus, can use toothpaste to 2 times a day, morning and night, after meals, sufficient rinsing may be ordinary water.

In no case can not eat too hot or cold food, as a result of such ingestion can occur on tooth enamel fracture, developing into cavities, which can lead to tooth loss.

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