How to Protect Yourself From Food Poisoning

02111619Even quite healthy people is safe from such diseases such as food poisoning, which is usually accompanied by abdominal pain, weakness, vomiting, and sometimes fever.

In the event of such symptoms should see a doctor immediately, because self-medication can lead to serious consequences. The cause of poisoning are bacteria that cause intestinal infections. Especially there is a high probability of poisoning in the summer.

In order not to be subject to such disease in the first place, you must follow the rules of personal hygiene, I mean, as often as possible to wash your hands with soap and water, and if such a possibility does not exist, use wet wipes.

Choosing to store food, first of all pay attention to the shelf life indicated on the package and see where these products are stored in the refrigerator or in the window.

In the spring a lot of people suffer from poisoning with the advent of early watermelons, in which unscrupulous farmers have introduced no food coloring, to the flesh was bright red.

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