How to Protect Yourself if the Next Person With the Flu

14101615With the onset of autumn frosts occur much more likely to get colds and various infections.

In order to avoid this, care should be taken in advance, boosting your immune system by eating foods that contain large amounts of vitamins and lead an active lifestyle, doing exercise.

However, in reality there are situations when it is necessary to be next to the patient for various reasons, such as at work. In recent years, leaders of enterprises and organizations with grievances related to employees who are sick. Therefore, sick people, instead of taking the sick, continue to work.

As is known, the flu is transmitted by airborne droplets, so it is necessary to observe a distance not less than 1.5 meters from the patient. Business premises should be aired, preferably at the end of each hour.

The best method is to use gauze bandage, and not only for the sick person, but also for all the others.

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