How to Quickly Get Rid of Pimples on the Face

19101615Despite his age, any woman wants to look beautiful and attractive.

To do this, before you leave home, they are willing to sit for hours in front of a mirror, putting on make-up person, and some do not spare neither the means nor the time to visit beauty salons.

If, for example, a man saw in his face a pimple, in most cases it does not pay any attention to it, whereas for women, it is the whole tragedy and immediately raises the most important question is how to get rid of it quickly.

Just want to warn that in such situations, in any case can not try to squeeze it, because they can be unpredictable consequences. It is best to take the match, and wrap it with cotton dipped in iodine, carefully put on the spot. Iodine, especially on the tanned face, will not be noticeable, and due to its properties, it will help to quickly get rid of this trouble.

Besides the use of iodine can be used various alcoholic tinctures, such as propolis, calendula, which has excellent healing properties, as well as fresh aloe juice.

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