How to Recover from Overeating?

310820164Everyone at least once in life to overeat. Merry Company, chic table – it seems that everything is fine, and then – overeating. Yes, this state is not the most pleasant thing, but it needs to survive. Believe me, there are some rules that will help easier to survive this condition.

1. Liquid. After eating you need to drink more fluids. It is best to give preference to water.
2. There are no alcoholic beverages. Within two days after overeating you need to give up alcohol.
3. Malnutrition. In no case can not go hungry as this can lead to negative consequences. The amount of food, and can reduce the need to avoid heavy stomach. In addition, you need to eat more protein foods to speed up metabolism.
4. Sport. Do not miss classes at the gym. Emphasis is placed on the power load.
5. Preparation. If you have to noisy feast and there is a possibility that you may overeat, it is best to prepare for this in advance. To do this, somewhere in the night, you need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and fats that are consumed by humans. We need to create their small deficit, then to take out and to fill.

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