How to Recover From Smoking? Doctors Tips

27101618Nowadays, hardly anyone would deny the negative impact of cigarette smoke on the human body.

Addiction to nicotine is detrimental to the health of the internal organs and appearance of man. Constantly on the pharmaceutical market there are more and more tools to help get rid of this habit. But, as shown by recent studies of US scientists, to date there are no drugs that would allow once and for all do away with nicotine dependence. Such a conclusion was made by scientists after the experiment, which involved 1086 smokers.

All participants were divided into three groups, each of which had to deal with a bad habit in some way. The first group – using the nicotine patch, the second – taking special pills, and the third group of people at the same time used the pill and the patch.

Studies have shown that the efficiency of these methods was almost identical. One year after the experiment, the first group habit left 21% of the participants in the second – 19% from the third and – 20%.

Thus, scientists have found that there are currently no effective means to combat tobacco and existing drugs help about the same. Therefore, only the inner desire and motivation of the man himself firmly help him get rid of this fatal passion.