How to Reduce Sex Drive?

310820167No couple can not live without sex. Making love – it is a very intimate thing, which only applies to both. However, what do you do if sex is too much ?! Perhaps there are ways to reduce sex drive? Of course, they do exist. We will talk about that today.

1. Sports. With the help of physical activity can reduce sex drive. To do this, choose: running, gymnastics, swimming. You need to exercise until you feel fatigue. If you like, you can start to play sports (football, volleyball).
2. Cold water. A cold shower will help to reduce libido. However, be careful not to get sick.
3. Diet. There are foods that increase libido, and there the opposite – reduce. To reduce libido, need to abandon the use of marine products, nuts, meat and mushrooms. In this case, a simple rule, the less the body forces, the less there is a desire to make love. However, do not starve, because it is fraught with serious health problems.

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