How to Reduce the Amount of Calories?

110920163Every woman wants to be slim. But you need to eat right and, of course, to give up sweets. Yes, it’s not easy. But nothing can be done, if you really want to be the owner of a beautiful figure. What do you need to eat in order to reduce the amount of calories?

1. Milk. If you drink milk fat, discard it. Choose milk with low percentage of fat.
2. Mayonnaise. Once and for all give up mayonnaise. This is the main enemy of the female figure. Choose salad dressing – olive oil.
3. Bread. Give up bread rolls in favor.
4. Free. Instead eat a large portion of French fries – make a little.
5. Dried fruits. Instead of candy you can eat dried fruits. It is not only delicious, but also useful.
6. Pizza. If you love pizza, then order it without the cheese. Remember, in cheeses contain a lot of unnecessary calories to your waistline.

As you can see, to lose a few extra kilos, it is not necessary to sit on a rigid diet. It is much wiser to reconsider your diet.

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