How to Reduce the Fat Content of Hair?

15101611Quite a common problem in women is increased hair oiliness.

For instance, some complain that the next day after shampooing it becomes oily and looks ugly. But doctors do not recommend too often, wash your hair with shampoo, as this will further exacerbate this problem.

If you quickly zhirneyut hair, to solve this problem it will help low-fat yogurt. All you need to it’s just yogurt lubricate your hair and close them anything for 30 minutes. Then wash off all the warm water. You can use this mask for hair on a regular basis as long as you do not notice a positive result.

In addition, there are special cosmetics, which can also be you in this matter. For example, you can use the tool to improve the condition Hair Megaspray. Many girls in a review on the forums write that this product has a lot of positive qualities and is very effective in hair care.

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