How to Reduce the Temperature at Cold at Home

0511169That ends the fall, which means that with the onset of cold winter weather increases the risk of cold-related diseases, which are accompanied by not only a runny nose and cough, but sometimes high body temperature.

To prevent this from happening you need to choose clothes according to weather conditions, not supercool and improve your immunity.

If, however, you are unable to protect themselves, and you have a fever, in any case it is impossible to carry on their feet, because they can cause a variety of complications, so it is best to take sick leave and keeping bed rest to begin treatment.

Modern drugs are able to reduce the temperature quickly, however, because of their harm to the liver, it is recommended to use them at a temperature above 38C, and if below, you can use folk remedies.

The first thing that should follow is drinking plenty of fluids, especially broth hips, linden, as well as the warm green hour with the addition of raspberry or honey.

A good effect is given rubdown with a towel soaked in warm water, such a procedure is capable of reducing the temperature to two degrees.