How to Replenish the Supply of Vitamins in Winter?

Winter is the time when the body needs vitamins. If they are not enough in the body, the person will often get sick. But what to do, because in winter it is not so easy to replenish the smell of vitamins?

1. Fruit. Eat fruit in winter. You can always buy bananas, oranges, lemons. These products contain a lot of useful substances.
2. Vegetables. As for vegetables, they also contain vitamins in sufficient quantities. However, I want to say about one vegetable, to which simply there is no equal. It’s about a pumpkin, in which even in spring you can find a lot of useful vitamins. Cook the porridge from this vegetable. Use is incredible.
3. Cottage cheese. Every morning, eat cottage cheese. The composition of the product is simply unique. With its help you can protect yourself from many diseases.
4. Meat. Vegetarianism is not the best idea, especially in winter. The body needs protein to maintain normal functioning.

If you can not provide the body with vitamins with food, then you need to buy a vitamin complex in the pharmacy.

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