How to Return Hoarse Voice?

140920167Very often, a lot of people in the face with such a problem the time of colds as a hoarse voice. This rather unpleasant condition of the body, but it should be treated. How to do it?

1. Silence. Less talk. If you must speak only in a whisper. You can also wrap the neck scarf. During this period, ligaments need to rest and recover.
2. Drink. In this state, you need to drink a hot drink. In most cases, traditional medicine recommends spirits (brandy) for this. Do not forget to drink fortifying beverages (rose hips) and tea.
3. Rinse. Do not forget a few times a day, gargle with infusions of herbs.
4. Inhalation. Inhalation may also be performed. To do this, use chamomile, eucalyptus.

As you can see, the procedure is very simple. Remember, the instant effect will not be. But after a few days, it is sure to become easier.

Recall when the first symptoms of the disease it is important to consult a doctor. You should never self-medicate. Traditional methods of treatment – is not a panacea. In some diseases need more serious treatment.

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