How to Save Money on Cosmetics?

060920164Every woman always wants to look beautiful. For this she is ready to get up an hour earlier to tidy himself up. However, cosmetic products from year to year are more expensive. How can I save money on cosmetics without damage to health?

1. Soap. Avoid the use of shower gel. The soap is much better and cheaper.
2. Olive oil. To remove make-up, it is not necessary to buy a special tool. You can always use extra virgin olive oil.
3. Large bottles. Preference is given to the best large bottles. The greater the volume, the cheaper.
4. List. The cosmetic store buy everything you need. To do this, make a list.
5. Internet. You should always look at the prices on the Internet, and then decide where to make the purchase.
6. Combined cosmetics. Get combined cosmetics (face powder, blush, lipstick).
7. Shadow. Shadow is best to buy for wet and dry deposition.
8. Domestic cosmetics. Do not think that imported cosmetics better. Sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to domestic producers.

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