How to Strengthen the Immune System?

140920164With the onset of autumn, many people are thinking about how to improve immunity. This is due to the fact that it was in the autumn people will start to hurt. In this transitional period, the body has no time to readjust to the weather changes. In this connection, it reduced immunity, viruses and successfully multiply in the body. But, if done correctly, you can protect yourself and your family from colds.

Firstly, at this time you need to be in less crowded areas. Enclosed spaces that are not ventilated – the main hotbed of all infections. Secondly, it is important to eat right. It is necessary to eat meat, fish, lots of vegetables and fruits. In addition, it is important to eat fruits and vegetables that grow in your area. Do not constantly eat exotic fruits. Scientists believe that the fruits that grow in the area where a person lives directly, much more useful to him. Third, do not forget about green tea. It is not only delicious, but also useful. Fourth, more often in the open air. Do not forget about the evening walks.

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