How to Strengthen Vessels Autumn

0711611With the advent of autumn, the weather often changes dramatically, it would seem, in the morning there are frozen, while for dinner the temperature rises considerably.

In this period, most people suffer from chronic diseases, because there is a tendency of worsening.

Especially such jumps temperature feel cores and people suffering from high blood pressure. Usually, the day before the weather changes, they often have a headache, they feel constantly tired and want to sleep.

In order to better survive times like these, you first need to balance your diet. To this should be excluded from use products, such as coffee, acute and smoked products, margarine and sausages.

At the same time, make your own menu of cereals, preferring oatmeal and buckwheat, and, it is desirable to cook them in the water. Most favor bringing fresh fruits and vegetables that can be consumed in the form of an independent, and in the form of juice. As for the juice, then those that offer us in the stores, it is better not to use, because in their composition other than sugar and dyes, no nutrients not contained.

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