How to Survive the Beginning of Spring?

2508201613Every person not well tolerate the beginning of spring. This is due to the fact that the body is exhausted after winter due to lack of fruit. In addition, the weather has not always happy. In general, depression and bad mood – this is quite normal. So how do you get rid of this condition or provide prophylaxis?

1. Vitamins. Eat more vitamins. Suppose further that there is no fresh fruit, but the choice can be stopped on the carrots, beets, kiwi, lemons, cabbage, cereals and products in which the protein is found.
2. Massage. Sign up for a course of massage. It can help you maintain muscle tone.
3. Walking. Try to walk more often in the open air. Do not forget to visit the street before going to bed.
4. Fresh juice. Most drink fresh vegetable juices. Vegetable juices are not less useful than fruit.
5. Movement. Enough to sit at home. More activity – go to roller skate, sign up in the pool.
6. Bad habits. It is very important at this time to give up on the bad habits that have a negative impact on overall health. No smoking, alcohol and coffee.

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