How to Transfer the Disease?

110920162No one is immune from the disease. Especially now come autumn – time colds. Of course, everyone knows that prevention is much better than cure. But nothing can be done – the disease is stronger than men. So, how correctly to survive the painful condition of the body?

1. No self-healing. Never self-medicate. The disease is always easier to treat early than when it goes to an advanced stage. At the first signs of the disease need to go to the hospital at a premium to the doctor.
2. Appointment. If your doctor has prescribed medication, you need to start taking the tablets immediately. No need to hope for the best. In addition, it is important to purchase exactly what is written in the recipe. You do not need to remove or add.
3. Bed rest. It is very important during the illness to be in bed. Do not carry the disease on their feet, because it threatens complications.
4. Traditional medicine. Nobody wants to say that traditional medicine can not cope with the disease. But, unfortunately, in some cases it is simply powerless.

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