How to Use a Solarium?

010920166Every woman dreams of a tan velvet. But it is not necessary to wait until the summer. Now everything is much easier and more affordable. To be an important event and should look great? No problem – go to the solarium. There you will get a chic tan. But first you need to learn some rules of conduct in the solarium.

1. Selection of the cabin. To this question should be approached carefully. Remember, the choice of masters and beauty depends on your health.
2. Output. The solarium is best to go on the weekend. Remember, solarium – is stressful for the body, so it is better to spend the day at home.
3. Cosmetics. In the solarium you need to go without makeup.
4. Points. Before you go to a tanning salon, you need to wear glasses. They will protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation.
5. Hair cap and lining for the chest. Hair in the solarium is best to gather under the cap in order to avoid problems in the future. The solarium chest should always be covered with special pads.
6. Water. After a visit to the solarium is necessary to drink plenty of fluids. Skin hydration is necessary.
7. Visit. Do not get involved in tanning. Experts believe that in the solarium you need to walk no more than once a week.

As you can see, nothing complicated. The main thing is to deal with the issue.

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