How to Wake Up Easily?

070820162Everyone is familiar with this condition, when to get up, and I want to sleep. In addition, if the window is gray and overcast, it even harder to wake up. Very often it happens that in the day a person can wake up very early, but on a week – to get out of bed very difficult. But let’s look at how you can wake up quickly and easily on any given day?

1. Clock. Lifting procedure itself – it’s a real stress on the body. That all took place more gradually and humanely, buy an alarm clock, which would have a soft sound (the sound of rain).
2. Shower. As soon as you wake up, take a contrast shower. This will help to wake up and feel cheerful throughout the day.
3. Beverages. Morning must begin with soft drinks. It can be green tea with lemon. You can also drink in the morning fresh juices.
4. Charging. Morning must begin with easy charging. It should not be strenuous exercise. It is best to get an easy set of exercises that will help to wake up and keep the muscles toned.

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