How to Win Aerophobia?

280920164Everyone at least once in a lifetime traveling. When people have to travel, you can always choose how transportation can get to your destination. More often than not choose the train or the car. But very often there are cases when you need to fly only by plane. But what do you do if a person aerophobia. How to cope with your fear to overcome a flight?

1. Fan. Point the fan is that it is easy to breathe.
2. Breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply needed. This will help to calm down.
3. Distractions. Try to distract. Start the crossword puzzle or read a favorite book.
4. Food. Try to eat. With little food can also relieve stress.
5. Tomato juice and coffee. Drink tomato juice. Use it to provide prevention of dehydration. But coffee is best abandoned. This drink is only excites the nervous system.
6. Courses. Sign up for a course. Perhaps it will help you to deal with your problem. Besides, many people is the same problem. Talk to each other and share experiences, as much as possible to cope with aerophobia.

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