How useful dried fruits

05101616In order to maintain their health and protect the body from colds and infectious diseases, you need good nutrition because of those foods that we eat, depends on the state of human immunity.

Some people believe that all those products which are recommended by nutritionists as useful, are not tasty, but it is a misconception, because there are many recipes that you can use from any food to cook is not only useful but also delicious.

For example, dried fruit. Recall that in the processing of their moisture evaporates, and almost all nutrients are preserved. Of course, to use separately dried fruits do not give great satisfaction, but if, for example, take the prunes and fill it with yogurt, you get a great breakfast not only for children but also adults.

You can take the dried apricots, figs and prunes, and to make them blend in which to add a spoonful of honey, you get a great set of vitamin that helps the body to quickly recover from the disease and avoid complications.

It’s worth noting that during the purchase of dried fruits is necessary to pay attention to their appearance. Colouring they must be natural colors, because it is too bright color indicates the use of dyes, and the fruit should not adhere to each other.

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