How Useful Sushi

21101613In recent years, more variety of dishes that are national in many countries appear in our cafes and restaurants.

Currently very popular, especially among young people, use of land. This dish comes to us from Japan, already gained much success, thanks to its taste.

During sushi special no secrets, as the main ingredients make up, rice, fish and spices, although variations of this dish, a large number. One of the most famous is the rolls.

In order to prepare them to take the necessary sheet nori, which is laid out on boiled rice with slices of fresh fish, and give preference to expensive varieties, and add a variety of spices.

Basically, this dish is useful for the human body, because all of the ingredients contain vitamins and amino acids, the only thing to fear is the possibility of contracting germs from the use of poor quality fish. Sushi is easily absorbed by the body, but the sauce with which they are served, contains a lot of salt, so they do not get involved.

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