Hurry While Eating is Dangerous to Health

05111618Hurrying during a meal, you harm health.

That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from Japan, once again confirmed the information about the presence of the interdependence between human health components and the way he eats. Fast coping with eating, you risk to earn a malaise on the part of the pancreas, even worse – diabetes.

Currently, the world is a metabolic disease ranks first among the problems of the endocrine system. According to reliable information, in the world, recorded the number of patients with this disease exceeds 200 million people. From this category are in the 90% risk of developing diabetes second type.

An extended period of time experts could not answer the question, which would help determine the cause of the disease. After studying the problem, and they have established the relationship between the haste to eating food and the ability to appearance of human diabetes. From the words of experts of this study, the conclusion that the current pace of life violates human consumption mode, which leads to health problems.

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