If Sore Throat Should Eat These Foods

091116117Usually during colds, with the advent of cough and rhinitis, also causes pain in the throat.

Nowadays there are various medications that promote rapid treatment. But, nevertheless, in those days, it is best to take sick leave, at least 10 days, and carry out a full course of treatment to avoid complications.

When pain is felt in the throat, it is difficult to pick up food that would not irritate him during the meal, but as a full-fledged meal needs during an illness, then your diet should include products that relieve pain.

One of them is licorice root, infusion of which not only reduces pain, but also relieves inflammation.

In those days, people usually try to warm the throat by applying a variety of wraps, but, as Ironically, it turns out, a small portion of the ice cream will be much more effective tool, as it can kill the bacteria.

The benefits of bananas already forming legends as they are recommended for various diseases, particularly heart, but also in the treatment of the throat and they are effective, due to the content of vitamin C.

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