Improper Diet Contributes to the Emergence of Excess Weight

28101619Nowadays, most people are suffering from obesity, which leads to the emergence of a number of more serious diseases.

Some people who have decided to lose weight, sometimes surprised that, even reducing the amount of food intake, they do not see the desired result.

It turns out, the fact is that making your menu you must pay attention to the calorie content of products from which you prepared meals, however, note that the addition of oil, even in small amounts, increases the calorie content in some times.

Make it a rule that your entire daily ration should be divided into 5 equal portions and eat them after a certain amount of time, in this case, the last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime.

From fatty foods should opt out, replacing it with seafood and poultry, but in moderation, but instead of sugar, use honey, in addition to the fact that you lose weight, your body will improve the immune system, which will contribute to confrontation colds and infectious diseases.