Improvement of Vision with Myopia

Now more and more people are faced with such a diagnosis as myopia. This pathology a few years ago was not so relevant. And the reason for its development is very simple – a person spends a lot of time at the computer. This is the main cause of the problem.

To eliminate it, you must follow simple recommendations.

1. Rest. Let the eyes have more rest. After work, try not to watch TV. It is best to devote this time to a walk in the fresh air.
2. Break. Often take a break during work. At this time, you can look out the window or the gym for the eyes.
3. Nutrition. Often eat foods that have a lot of vitamin A (carrots, pumpkins, sweet peppers, broccoli, spinach). If possible, include blueberries in the diet.

Dear our readers, take care of your vision. Watch your children. Let them spend less time at the computer, and move more and play in the fresh air. Only a full rest will allow you to keep your eyesight for many years.

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