In the autumn period is necessary to strengthen the immune system

30091612That was autumn, when the days are getting shorter, the street often rains and the temperature is much lower.

It was during this period of the year for many people there are depression, fatigue, as well as frequent colds. To avoid such troubles, it is necessary to improve their immunity.

To strengthen your body, you need to use vitamins autumn period, as in the case of illness, they will contribute to effective treatment and prevent various complications. Also, in your daily diet should include those foods that contain large amounts of vitamin C, since, thanks to him, normal sleep and improves mood. These include citrus fruits, raspberry, cranberry.

We all know that garlic is a natural antibiotic that fights bacteria and viruses, preventing the possibility of the disease, therefore, at least once a day, but not before going to sleep, eat garlic. In general, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals.