In the Future People Will Eat Artificial Meat

110820166With the increasing population of the planet all the more urgent is the question of the lack of food to feed the whole world. However, scientists soothe us and say that in the near future the problem of food shortage can be solved with the help of bio-medicine. According to many experts in 20-30 years it will be possible to create artificial foods that are in their properties and usefulness to the organism will not yield a natural.

Already bioengineers experts say that may be in the laboratory to create almost any fabric. Therefore, based on these technologies, to create an artificial piece of chicken or veal for them there is no difficulty. Moreover, at present the company is actively working on the creation of artificial meat, which is cheaper than conventional, but it is completely identical in composition and protein content.

One of the main advantages of such meat experts called waste-free production, the ability to cover the needs of all mankind, and the absence of harmful substances in its products.

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