In the Near Future People Will Be Able to Live to 200 years

130820166Modern scientists are doing quite sensational predictions about the development of medicine and science in the next few years. According to them, the modern scientific progress develops so fast that very soon mankind will learn to significantly prolong your life.

Due to the development of robotic systems, special vaccines and artificial internal organs, doctors already in 15-20 years will be able to extend the life of the average person up to 150-200 years. Moreover, a new generation that will be born in 30 years, will be able to live up to 1,000 years through the use of advanced technologies.

However, this good news has a flip side. Due to increasing life expectancy world overpopulation threatens humanity. In addition, the researchers note that when a person will be composed entirely of artificial internal organs, it ceases to be a person and become a biorobot and his feelings disappear.

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