In What Position to Sleep Better All?

100820167Everyone has their individual posture for sleep. Sometimes it appears in the process of growing up and is the result of certain features of an organism or a simple habit. However, not every position helps the body relax and recover well during sleep.

Recently, scientists have found out, what is the perfect pose to your body fully rested. Best of all, according to experts, sleep on your back. This is the classic version, which is the most optimal from the point of view of the impact on the internal organs. When a person sleeps on his back, his spine in the correct position, which reduces the load on the neck and prevents the manifestation of pain.

In addition, the supine body significantly reduces acid reflux, so this position is very useful. And here is the wrong posture for sleep – in the stomach. In this position, the spine of the body is always in the load and straightens up and turns out to be increased pressure on the joints.

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