In What Products are most of Nitrates

250920164In autumn, when there is a period of harvest, many of us are stocking a lot of vegetables and fruit, wanting to receive a portion of vitamins and heal your body. However, modern farmers often use special chemical additives that speed up the growth of the fruit. Such additives are called nitrates.

A large amount of nitrates in the product can be dangerous to your health. Despite the fact that they are present in almost any vegetable or fruit when nitrate dosage higher than normal, this is very bad.

Doctors say that people during the day can safely consume up to 5 mg of nitrate per 1 kg of its weight.

Among the products that are most contain nitrates can select multiple categories. Firstly this vegetable – the potato sprouts, tomatoes and greens. Secondly, nitrates, often contain seasonal fruits – watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, grapes, and many others.

When you buy these products, be careful and do your shopping only in specialized shops, where they are pre-tested for quality.

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