Include Eggs in Your Diet

03111620Regarding the use of chicken eggs has long been debated, scientists all over the world, and while some argue that the frequent use of this product negatively affects the cardiovascular system, others refute this information.

However, as we learned from the survey results, which were carried out by nutritionists for over three decades, the daily consumption of at least one egg, reduce the occurrence of some of the most common diseases, such as stroke and heart attack, and, moreover, they have no effect on raising the level of bad cholesterol.

One such evidence eggs benefit is that one of the long-liver, who lives in Italy, in November this year will celebrate its 117 birthday, her words became aware that it is practically throughout life, ate daily at 3 eggs.

As part of the egg contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the existence of life, so every day during breakfast include in your menu 1 egg, preferably cooked soft-boiled, but before use Thoroughly clean the shell, so as not to become infected with salmonella.

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