Interesting Facts about Women

010920168The woman – a mystery for many men. Even do not try to figure out what he wants or what a woman thinks. Men with his turn of mind still can not do it. So, what facts would be interesting to know the men of the beautiful half of humanity ?! Women reveal their little secret thoughts.

1. Man. Yes, yes, nothing is better not to adorn a woman than a man.
2. Monogamy. Woman lifelong can love and be faithful to one man.
3. Only. Every woman wants to be loved for their one and only in the world.
4. Break. Most often, women do not go to someone, but from someone else. So it is with you for life it is simply not tolerable.
5. Inspiration. To the woman did everything she needs inspiration.
6. Love. A woman should love during this period it will be the most beautiful.
7. Forgiveness. A woman can forgive the offense, but do not forget it ever.
8. Statements. If a woman at least once in life to say: “Do not worry”, most likely your relationship is coming to its logical conclusion.

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