Intimate Hygiene

170920165Currently, there are many diseases that are sexually transmitted. This is quite an unpleasant situation. But if this happens, you need to be treated. At what once both partners.

But today I want to talk about what you can get sick, do not have sex. Many diseases are transmitted through everyday. How to protect yourself from them.

1. Natural linen. It is important to always wear underwear natural.
2. Towel. After a shower, you should always be wiped dry with a clean towel.
3. Clothing. The store should never try on underwear, if you wear a thong. Before wearable all clothing to be washed. Recall should never take things with a friend or acquaintance.
4. Sprays and powders. It is not necessary to use all sorts of sprays and powders for intimate places.
5. Public toilet. The public toilet is always necessary to lay a special cover on the toilet.
6. Nail Salon. Before you do a manicure, make sure that the tools are carefully processed.
7. Gynecologist. Once every six months – you need to visit a gynecologist.

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