Irrelevant Makeup

1908201610Most women prefer to use decorative cosmetics. With its help, you can always emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses. However, very often the opposite is true. Women make up applied so that they are simply afraid to look. What mistakes are most likely to be admitted?

1. Lipstick brown. This color has long gone out of fashion. Besides, he always gives its owner extra years. It is best to choose shades of lipstick bedding.
2.Perlamutrovye shadows. Such shadows only emphasize wrinkles under the eyes.
3. A lot of foundation. If you do not have perfect skin, it is not a reason to impose on the face of half a tube of foundation.
4. A pale powder. If you use powder too bright colors, the complexion will be unnatural.
5. Eyeliner upper eyelid. If applied eyeliner thus making it look more aggressive, and adds a few years.
6. False eyelashes. All women dream of long lashes, but do not build them (this trend is no longer in vogue).

Dear girls and women, is now in vogue, paradoxically, naturalness. Many hard to believe, but true.

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