Irritation after Shaving

300820169Many women are actively struggling with excess vegetation on the body. Everybody knows that the hairs do not add extra appeal.

Currently, there are lots of various methods to deal with excess vegetation on the body (shaving, waxing). Whichever method is chosen, after the removal of the hair often appears irritation. What can we do to prevent this?

1. Preparation. By shaving procedure itself should be prepared. To do this, first they need to be mitigated. Then you are ready to shave. Remember, you need to shave the hair in the direction of their growth. In no case can not use soap and water, it is best to choose a foam. With its help you can upokoit skin.
2. Remove the irritation. After shaving it is necessary to remove the irritation. To do this, the skin should be lubricated with a special lotion. You should always know what irritation is much easier to prevent than to deal with it. To do this, you need to change machines often or use an electric start. Besides, you can always apply to the beauty salon and choose a more modern method of hair removal (eg, shugaring).

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