Is it Possible to Change Sexual Orientation?

05111617Floyd Godfrey – physician working in Arizona during 6 years.

His practical work consists of 5 medical workers, and they received approximately 30-40 patients during the week, and almost all had problems with sexual orientation.

According to the promises of Godfrey, his patients are treated, due to the fact that they are in depression and unhappiness. “They can not be felt myself in their place, what seems a condition of depression”, – says the doctor. According to his promise, the individual data of depressed individuals – young men that they had been forced at an early age.

Many people ignore their dad or vice versa, their father and mother very carefully watched absolutely all their processes and kept under strict control. According to the promises of a doctor Godfrey, in the creation of meaningful orientation interconnectedness among dad and offspring, and her lack of, or on the contrary, a strong tendency to lead to a change in orientation.

But the big problem whereby such people need to be treated? Let behind the scenes, but one implies that homosexuality is unnatural phenomenon appears, and homosexuals are allowed to correct their orientation, as well as having deficiencies washing machine. In fact, the concept of hiding, if blue appears to ailments in the therapy concept – and other experts have disputes contrary to this idea.

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