It is necessary to know for the normal operation of the heart

06101615No wonder the heart, called the human motor, because of the work of this body depends on life.

Usually people start to care about his work when there are different kinds of diseases. In order to, lifelong to old age, there was a variety of heart disease, you need to take care of him from a young age.

First, give up bad habits, especially smoking, nicotine because the negative effect on the walls of blood vessels and promotes occurrence of plaques. Alcohol abuse is also dangerous for the operation of this important body.

In addition, you must follow a healthy diet, as much as possible to eliminate from their menus fatty and fried foods, and give preference to seafood, vegetables and fruits.

Regardless of weather conditions, take it a rule to make daily walks, saturating your body with oxygen and giving a moderate load on the heart system.

In order to avoid problems with the work of the heart, you need to take care of their pressure.

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