Key Secrets Of Care For Dry Skin

Key Secrets Of Care For Dry SkinMany women are faced with an issue like dry skin. It brings a lot of inconvenience. However, you can successfully cope with this problem. The main thing is to know what to do and how.

  1. The right to choose makeup, depending on the time of year. Do not use the same makeup in winter and summer.
  2. Skin protection. Owners of dry skin is necessary to protect the skin from Macho Man Deutsch exposure to the sun better.
  3. Using a soft funds to cleanse the skin. You should never be used “aggressive” cleaning agents. Give preference to natural cosmetics.
  4. Adhere to proper nutrition. Skin needs not only in the outer care. A balanced diet – is exactly what you need for any type of skin. Support needed from the inside. Most need to eat: foods that are rich in vitamins A and E, as well as liver, legumes, fish (these foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids).
  5. Do not overdo it with the use of moisturizers. Moisturize dry skin is necessary, but there should be Macho Man Ελληνικά suited to the mind. The excess moisturizers also not benefit.
  6. Deep cleaning of the skin is also important. This procedure is best done in a beauty salon professionals.

Basic Skin Care Without Moisture

Dry skin is a constant, inherent feeling of discomfort in life. It seems that the skin is stretched to unimaginable marks and is about to begin to crack literally.

But there are women who face the same problem as microcracks on the epidermis – the result of a catastrophic lack of moisture.

Dry skin type, more than others, needs proper and proper care. It is important not only cosmetic products, but also other methods that help to saturate the skin with oxygen. Do not forget about the water balance. Famous two liters a day – just what you need owners of dryness and tightness Macho Man Español on the skin. It is necessary to fill the lack of water from the inside, so be sure to drink water.

Also revise your diet. Some foods can adversely affect the condition of the epidermis. In order for the skin to have a normal healthy appearance, add more vegetables, fruits and greens to the menu. Help to find the desired result in the abundance of cereals.

When staying in the open sunlight, try to hide the skin under clothes, headdresses and are in the shade. Wind and frost are also not the best friends of dry skin. Avoid long walks in adverse weather conditions and always use a skin protection.

Gently clean skin tissue. Too often, you do not need to substitute delicate skin with chlorinated water streams from the water supply. It is enough several times a day. And necessarily using a mild cleanser, which is designed for dry epidermis. You may find it paradoxical – but frequent moisturizing through washing can lead to dry skin.

Do not part using a hot bath. With dry skin, a warmer shower is shown with a soft, sparing gels and foams. But if you can not Macho Man français give up the bath – add a few drops of essential oil to the water.

After water treatment, allow the skin to dry itself if possible. Excessive friction of the towel injures the epidermis, devoid of moisture. A sat down body will dry without contact with the tissue, the skin will retain in itself additional moisture. Use moisturizing lotions immediately after taking a shower or bath.

Do not forget the level of humidity in the room in which you are. Get a special Macho Man eesti device that will help you control the climate in the room and, if necessary, moisten it.