Knitting Has a Positive Effect on Health

01111620For that, there are a number of busy to live as long as possible, in addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle that contribute to this.

Scientists found out that knitting, which is now almost no one does a thing of the past, because now you can buy any thing, being much cheaper than the handmade products.

It turns out that those people who are engaged in this type of needlework, less pain in the heart, hypertension and other diseases. The fact that the fingers during operation of knitting, transmits a signal to the brain, and it has a positive effect on its performance, improving memory.

During this session, the person becomes calmer and had reduced heart rate, resulting in reduced pressure.

As a result, research scientists have been able to establish that in half an hour from the start of knitting in humans increases the happiness hormone level, resulting in man lifted the mood, which favorably affects the nervous system, so in some hospitals, for the prevention, patients give spokes , hooks and yarn for knitting.

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