Lazy`s Diet

Every woman wants to have a beautiful shape. But for this you need to follow the correct diet. Nose that now many problems. many delicious products can be seen on the shelves of the store, from which simply can not refuse.

So what diet invented by scientists from America for lazy women? I must say that its effectiveness has convinced many American women.

1. Milk. You need to drink only milk with low percentage of fat. This will significantly reduce the number of calories consumed.
2. Breakfast. From breakfast can not give up, otherwise it will be eaten in the evening twice as many calories. In the morning, you can eat one egg – it will be quite enough.
3. Lunch. Lunch is always necessary to start with the first course. They contain fewer calories. Besides, the stomach is filled, and therefore the second course is less eaten. It’s a trick.
4. Tea. Every day you need to drink up to 6 cups of tea. It is best to choose a green tea.
5. Charge. Turn on the TV and do exercises. This will help you to become more active. Active people are never complete.

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