Life without Stress

230920167Nowadays more and more people are faced with stressful situations. The reasons may be varied. But is not this. Stress greatly undermine human health. So how can you protect yourself from stress.

1. Sleep. Try to get enough sleep every day. The body needs proper rest.
2. Noise. Avoid smart companies and parties. Spend more time in a relaxed atmosphere or on the street.
3. Walking. Try to walk more in the fresh air. In the sun, you need to spend at least 20 minutes a day. Do not ignore evening walks.
4. Medicinal plants. Brew mint tea. This will help to calm down and to stress prevention.
5. Nutrition. Start eating right. The diet should be varied. Eat more foods containing vitamin B (legumes). It is important to eat enough calcium (cheese, cheese, milk).
6. Sport. Do not give up on exercise. Sign up for a fitness or dance. The body should have a small load.
7. Love. Try less upset. Love yourself and others, and life will improve.

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