Limit Sugar to Strengthen Immunity!

Currently, many young mothers are interested in the question – how to strengthen immunity to the child? The thing is that children have become very painful.

To somehow deal with the issue, we turned to the doctor a pediatrician with many years of experience. What will he say about this?

1. Less sugar. Sugar leads to the fact that the immune system becomes weak. Sugar is best replaced with honey and dried fruits. For the body will be twice as much benefit.
2. Rosehips. Teach your child to drink broth of dogrose. It has a sour taste and a bright red color. The drink is very healthy.
3. Massage. To reduce the stress in the body, write down your child for a massage session. During the procedure, you can relax. A strong nervous system is a guarantee of health.
4. Sea-buckthorn. Few who eat seabuckthorn. But it’s not right. Include in the diet of the berry a bright orange color.
5. Sport. Accustom the child to sports training from childhood. This will help him to become a strong and strong person.

Watch the child’s health from the very moment of his birth!

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