Long Sleep, is Also Harmful as Lack of Sleep

22101617As you know, the normal human condition requires a sound sleep that night should last about 8 hours, because if a person sleeps little, his body does not have time to recuperate, and it leads to fatigue, tension and other diseases, which can be much more serious.

However, there are people who like to sleep for 10 hours or more during the day. As we found out scientists, such persons are also harmful to your body, as in sleep deprivation. After investigation, it became known that such people often run the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other diseases, including obesity.

Especially not recommended to sleep in the afternoon, as a dream to wander out of the rhythm of work the entire body.

The reasons for which a person feels a constant craving for sleep, mainly associated with his existing diseases, therefore, in such cases you must undergo a thorough examination to avoid more serious consequences.

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