Loosen headache without pills can

10101615Most people complain of a headache, the reasons which may be varied.

This fatigue, nervous stress, lack of sleep or the effects of weather. In order to alleviate the condition, many use the medication that the frequent use of them, may negatively affect other body organs.

However, there are several methods, which do not necessarily take the pills. For example, a glass of cold water, with the proviso that it is not boiled, will relieve headaches.

Also, the positive effect will be the oil of lavender, which, to make enough to inhale a few drops of this plant, or lubricate them whiskey.

A good result in the elimination of headache gives massage that should be done 2 times a week, because, thanks to him, improving blood flow.

Eating also affects not only a headache, but the state of the whole organism, so you need to follow a diet and make it a rule to start the morning with oatmeal, which is rich in vitamins and minerals.

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