Low-Calorie Foods, Which Give a Feeling of Satiety

11111612In order to prevent obesity and to be slim and beautiful, many women observe a strict diet, at the same time, including in your diet low-calorie foods.

However, on receiving such food they constantly have the feeling of hunger, and some of them, unable to bear such a load, start to eat heavily and quickly gain excess weight.

To avoid this, you need to balance your menu in advance, because there are some kinds of foods that do not contain a lot of calories, and the body will provide satiety.

For example, a conventional potato, in the use of which in moderation, does not affect the weight, the only condition is to keep it useful substances, it should be boiled in “uniform” or baked in the oven with the peel, after having washed it thoroughly.

This applies to the seaweed, which in addition to a large number of vitamins and amino acids, contains a lot of iodine, so it is necessary for our body, especially to those who suffer from thyroid disease.

It is also worth to eat fish is not oil-rich, naturally not fried or smoked.

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