Magnetic Storms Adversely Affect the Health of People

0711615Sometimes even quite healthy people feel discomfort and headaches, at the same time can not explain the reason for such a state.

It is learned that this feeling may occur due to magnetic storms. Such days are considered unfavorable, and you can learn about them in advance of the media that monthly print it in the paper.

In those days, disrupted oxygen metabolism, therefore, receive less necessary amount, people heartbeat quickens, and there is a malfunction of certain organs.

Those persons who have heart problems, and who have had a heart attack or stroke in these days need to be especially careful and always carry with them the necessary medicines that can help in case of an attack.

In those days, doctors recommend to go on diet, in which refuse to fatty, fried and smoked foods, and replace it with vegetables and seafood. Also, you should completely abandon the use of alcohol and smoking.

Sweet drinks and coffee, also should be excluded from your diet and replace them with green tea with honey.

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